About Me


My qualifications include a Bachelor of Business degree – Double Major in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, a Certificate 1V – Small Business Management and a Certificate in Accounting.

Over the last 25 years, I have worked in the private sector mainly in accounting roles in small to larger organisations. My career positions progressed from Accounts Clerk to Assistant Accountant. In addition, my responsibilities included human resources functions, liaising with colleagues at all levels and with external parties. This has enabled me to acquire an invaluable skills set including excellent communication and interaction skills, effective negotiation skills.

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My personal experience in the rental market and my own research have highlighted the level of frustration that residential tenants have in dealing with tenancy issues.

Ongoing conflicting relationships with landlords and property management agencies are crippling and demoralising. As a residential tenant, I have successfully re-negotiated leases, resolved disputes concerning rent and maintenance issues and taken appropriate legal and reporting action to protect my rights.


I completed the Property Management training (Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) delivered by REIWA, for Western Australia. This has provided me with industry-specific knowledge of the legal roles and responsibilities of representatives in the property management sector. What struck me throughout the course content was the emphasis on harnessing relationship-building skills with all parties to a residential tenancy agreement.


You will probably find me enjoying a walk along our panoramic coastline when I am not working. The expansive ocean views are incredibly inspiring and therapeutic.

When possible, I volunteer to look after underprivileged foster children. I love helping out, putting a smile on their face and making a difference in their lives.

Core Values

My personal core values are a direct reflection of who I am. They underpin my business culture.

  • Professionalism – a consistent business-like manner in all facets of commercial relationships.
  • Integrity – being honest with myself and staying true to my strong moral principles, in all circumstances.
  • Respect – due regard for diverse views and beliefs.
  • Empathy – ability to share and understand the emotions of others, in their context.
  • Fairness - strong beliefs in equality, impartiality and justice
  • Pursue excellence – always seeking to do better, advocate for lifelong learning.

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